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Please welcome Rebecca Flannery to our CASA Board of Governors!

We’d like to welcome our newest Board Member, Rebecca Flannery to CASA. The insight, experience, and creativity she brings to CASA are second to none.

Born in Houston, TX, Rebecca Flannery has been the vision behind The Regency Group, Ltd since its inception.  An avid collector her entire life, she is constantly researching and enhancing her perspectives to expand her insights into luxurious living for discerning clientele.  

After graduating from The University of Texas with an honors degree in Art History, Rebecca worked for Christie's International Auction House while pursuing advanced education in business.  Thereafter, she spent an extended period of time traveling the world as a business consultant and garnering expertise from some of the foremost authorities in Fine Art and Antiques globally.  It was based on these invaluable experiences that Rebecca launched a new career capitalizing on her creativity and developing eye.

A self-proclaimed perfectionist and aficionado of exquisite quality, Rebecca's attention to detail is a driving force in all projects she is associated with. We are so thankful to have her support for our Mission and look forward to the many great things that she will accomplish with CASA!

Please welcome Rebecca Flannery to our CASA Board of Governors!