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Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott Calls All Texans to Volunteer

"Texans are generous by nature.  Philanthropy is in our DNA.  As First Lady, I look forward to working with all Texans to bring together the two things that I am most passionate about – Texas and philanthropy.”

-- Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott

Recently, Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott made a call to action to all Texans. Mrs. Abbott believes that we all have a higher calling and she is spearheading a new “Texanthropy Initiative” to promote volunteerism and service in our local community. The Texas First Lady will not only highlight the importance of volunteering for others, but will elevate those who work through their “Texanthropy” to make our state and cities a better place.

Texas First Lady and Governor Greg Abbott know firsthand the importance of volunteering, especially when it comes to CASA. The Abbott’s advocacy for CASA has continued throughout their public careers and while speaking at a 25th Anniversary luncheon for Texas CASA, they both recognized the “reason why CASAs are so special and important. With open arms, a warm heart, a determined spirit, CASAs are transforming lives, one child at a time.”

Our volunteers make enormous impacts, both seen and unseen, for the abused and neglected children of San Antonio and Bexar County every day. Everyone, regardless of political affiliation should embrace Texas First lady Cecilia Abbott’s Texanthropy initiative. Not everyone has the ability to give money to their favorite charity, but there is always time in the day that you can donate to make a difference. Texans alone gave 572.1 million hours of service in 2014 alone, according to the National Corporation for National Community Service! Each individual volunteer totaled about 32 hours per year for a total of 7.9 billion hours of service. To put that into a dollar figure, those volunteer services are worth $184 billion!  Join the ranks of these inspiring community members by finding a cause you care about and donating your time towards it.  Learn more about what volunteering as a CASA Advocate involves! There’s still room for improvement and you can help our Texas community by volunteering with CASA today!

The true value of volunteering is found in the time, care, and love given to another person in need. The unquantifiable love and moments shared with another in need can’t be counted, but felt through the lives we’ve changed for the better as a community. Join the Texas First Lady and CASA today by making a difference in an abused and neglected child’s life. Whether that is through volunteering your time or donating, every dollar and moment shared makes an impact. Will you join “Texanthropy” and CASA?

Make sure to read the great article about the volunteering in San Antonio from the SA Express News here! You must be an Express News subscriber to view the full article.

Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott Calls All Texans to Volunteer