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Volunteer in Honor of Father’s Day

Father’s Day is fast approaching. Many children will honor their fathers, grandfathers, and those who serve as father figures with gifts, barbecues and other family traditions. But Father’s Day is not always a happy holiday for children in the foster care system.

When children are removed from their homes due to evidence of abuse and neglect, they are placed in the care of the State, sometimes far away from their loved ones. Children in foster care rarely get to see their fathers on Father’s Day, and some do not get to see or know their fathers at all.

CASA Advocates can help turn Father’s Day into a time of celebration for these children. Our volunteers are everyday members of the community who are specially trained and appointed by courts to advocate for children in foster care.

CASA volunteers advocate first and foremost for reunification with the child’s family and, if that’s not possible, placement with extended family. But when there is no safe and willing relative, CASA volunteers work to help place the child with a caring adoptive family.

Currently, we are only able to serve 40% of the children in foster care in Bexar County, leaving too many children without a CASA volunteer to advocate for their best interests.

“Every child that needs one should have a CASA volunteer; our goal is to make that happen by the year 2020,” said Richard Cooke, President/CEO. “Consider becoming a CASA volunteer so that more of these children can celebrate Father’s Day with loving families.”

Child Advocates San Antonio has successfully provided abused and neglected children in Bexar County a unique service since 1984. CASA supports 500 community volunteers who will advocate for 1,650 children in the Bexar County foster care system this year.

For more information about volunteering, please visit http://www.casa-satx.org/be-involved/volunteer or contact Elisabeth Reise at ereise@casa-satx.org.

Volunteer in Honor of Father’s Day