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W.P. Carey Chooses CASA Board Member Kevin Moore’s Essay as Winner

Kevin Moore is a Financial Advisor and dedicated Board Member at CASA. W.P. Carey recently held an essay competition for Financial Advisors, with the writer of the winning essay receiving a donation to the charity of their choice. The participants were asked to write a commencement speech.  Kevin Moore wrote the winning essay on how crucial hope is to the human spirit and how it inspires us all to keep moving forward no matter the obstacle. One quote stands out in particular, “Without the sense of hope that greater understanding, success, or love await you, why put forth the effort now.” Mr. Moore earned first place with his writing and won $5,000 to be donated to our mission!

This contest is a tradition for W.P Carey founder William Polk Carey and his mandate for Doing Good While Doing Well. W.P Carey was founded in 1973 and focuses on diversified net lease investment partnerships and real estate.

We’ve included the essay for you to find inspiration to make a difference in a child’s life and provide hope for the future of our community.

“Many of you may have attended graduation ceremonies before and have heard speeches about the need to follow your passion or that “we are counting on you to make the future better” or that “to whom much is given much is expected”. This is not one of those speeches. You are all already successful, driven, and focused individuals or you wouldn’t be here today. Each of you have many of the necessary qualities to be successful in life, so I won’t revisit that list.

What I would like to discuss with you today is the importance of a simple concept whose significance is often overlooked: hope. Hope is often the main driving force behind success but it’s overshadowed by concepts of drive, focus, intelligence, and luck. But I would submit, that without a sense of hope, it is very difficult to achieve much of anything.

Hope, at its very essence, is what has allowed humans, throughout history, to overcome challenges and do amazing things. Walt Disney was fired for a lack of imagination. Babe Ruth held the strikeout record for decades, Spencer Silver accidentally invented Post-It notes but 3M took almost 10 years to realize their potential. What kept each of these people going forward was the notion that success was still possible. Hope if you will.

Victor Frankl, the psychotherapist and international bestselling author wrote in his book,  Man’s Search For Meaning about his fellow prisoners at Auschwitz who were succumbing to great despair “that getting them to realize that life was still expecting something from them; something in the future was expected of them” helped them endure their great suffering.

Hope is not the exclusive purview of those who have suffered great tragedies. Each of you have suffered some set back in your life when your plans did not work out. While many of you have been able to move on from those setbacks, you may not have realized that it was your sense of hope that guided you through your suffering.

You see, your sense of hope is why you elected to go to college. Your sense of hope is why you are graduating. Your sense of hope is what will push you to take chances, to put yourself “out there”, and is the force that illustrates you can do more than you realize. For hope you see, is the one constant that all of us share as humans and is one of the most powerful aspects of our human existence.

Without hope that your efforts will be fruitful, you would not be willing to continue forward into an uncertain future. Without the sense of hope that greater understanding, success, or love await you, why put forth the effort now.

As you leave here today, may you never be too distant or too unacquainted with your sense of hope.

Thank you. Be hopeful.”

CASA is so thankful for Kevin and all of his hard work. He is such a blessing to our organization and the abused and neglected children of San Antonio and Bexar County and we are honored to be able to work with him.

W.P. Carey Chooses CASA Board Member Kevin Moore’s Essay as Winner