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Welcome back to school!

On August 24, children across the city headed back to the classroom and to fill their minds with fun, friends, and knowledge. But did you know that reports of child abuse and neglect skyrocket during the school year? A study by Safe Schools Healthy Students shows a direct correlation between the increased involvement with a child by school staff on a daily basis and the rate of reports for cases of child abuse and neglect.

Confirmed cases of abuse and neglect are a problem in San Antonio, and parents and teachers must be ever vigilant for the children in foster care. Foster children in care change living placements frequently, which sadly, often means changing schools. At each new school, the youth is the new kid again, may lack a stable support system, may have trouble getting school records and credits transferred, and may therefore need to repeat classes or even grades. With each move, students on average lose four to six months of academic growth. It is easy to see how foster youth can fall behind in school.

An Advocate can provide constancy to help keep the kids in one classroom during a case and support these children to achieve the best they can in school. The Advocates develop deep, meaningful relationships with the children they serve to provide them with a voice for their needs and the services they lack. Advocates can ensure appropriate school records and credits, as well as ensure that the children receive any tutoring or help needed to reach their full educational potential.    

Now is the perfect time to make an impact as a CASA Advocate when your children are away at school. Use your time to be the difference in a child’s life and help us advocate for the needs of the abused and neglected children of San Antonio and Bexar County.

What difference will you make?

Welcome back to school!