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Wild Fun Safari

“I’m so glad I was able to go to the zoo today with my Advocate!  I can’t wait to go again!” ~ Isaac, Age 8

On October 8, Child Advocates San Antonio (CASA) and the San Antonio Zoo hosted the Wild Fun Safari for our CASA children.  Animated Tour Guides helped the children learn all about the Animal Kingdom. As they entered the zoo with their Advocates, the kids were able to interact with the massive pythons, pet the cute ferrets, and play with the creepy tarantulas. CASA even spent time with the exotic birds in the Lory Landing and fed them the delicious nectar they go crazy for!  These animals were safely taken out of their cages so the children could directly engage and learn many fun lessons from the San Antonio Zoo.

The Carousel was by far the biggest hit of the evening and our CASA kids could not get enough of it! The children created some great art projects centered on all the animals as they took a little break from the Texas heat. At the zoo, the kids had a blast riding the carousel, getting to see all the beautiful animals, and most importantly sharing those moments with their Advocates. 

We are so grateful to the San Antonio Zoo for providing this fun childhood experience to our children; many of whom have never gotten to experience the wonder of a zoo visit before.  CASA Advocates and the kids we serve left with so many fun memories. Thank you to all who participated in this Wild Fun Safari.

Make sure to check out our Facebook Album for all the fun pictures from the Zoo here!

Wild Fun Safari